Poems Collection

A Journey Through My Poems

I used to write a lot of poems in my workplace a long time ago. It was a way to escape the everyday work-related stress that I was dealing with almost every day. They were different times…and when I read my own poems again, years later, I can’t help but wonder what made me write the way I did! 🙂

Most of them are humorous to me but I treasure these poems because I wrote them at a time when I was going through a lot in life. Hope you enjoy reading them too! 🙂

~Dreaming Cakes~
Yummy Yummy
Fills your tummy
Runny runny
Chocs of Honey
Hurry Hurry
Don’t you Worry
Cakes so creamy
Makes you Dreamy!!!!
~Into The Labyrinth~
Running through my head
Are the words you said,
Looking through my eyes
I can see your lies,
Living through the storm
Wishing you were dead,
Talking to myself
On a Silvermoon,
Looking to the stars
For a sign of hope.
Walking down the stairs
On shards of glass,
Darkness in the skies
Coming to my aid,
Thunder of my wrath
Sounding through the gates,
Clinging to my heart
Fading echoes of the past,
Joining all the legions
Battles in the night,
Counting all the dead
Lifeless as they lay,
Laughing in my victory
No life I spare.
Turning in my sheets
I wake at nine,
Sipping through my tea
Paper news I see,
Eating through my Bread
Now I see the dread,
Hunting in the land
Is a Beast with fangs,
Slaying all the weak
Living men it seeks.
~Random World~
Cracking Crackling
Falling Underling
Howling Hollow Moons
Yelling Tele-phones
Sleeping Yellow Goons
Raining Monday Blues
Drowning Sunday Noons
Calling Hilly Bear
Take me to the Fare
Swinging Happy Pairs
Summoning Droopy Eyes
Shooting at the skies
Liv-ing Underdog
Stalking in the fog!!
Calling Barnacles
Writing Chronicles
Wearing Spectacles
~The Scream~
Out of my sight
And out my mind,
Into the deep
Where hairy beasts hide,
Wondering why
The End is so Nigh,
Heaven be thine
And Horrors be mine.
~Till Death Do us Apart~
Choices Made,
Farewells Bade,
In Woody Glades,
As roses Laid
In Sunlight Fade.
~Fate of Sue~
Hurly, Burly, Curly Sue
Went to fetch an apple fruit
Instead fell into a snare
Swallowed by an ugly bear
~Singing by the River ~
Whither thou goest, I care about not
Thither I goeth, away from thy heart
Till death cleaveth
Thee and Me apart.
~Killing You Softly~
Eyes so hollow
I do bear,
Food to swallow?
I dont care,
Cold and Cunning
My ways be,
Inside Gallows
Thy head leave!!
~A Haunting~
We had a Past
That did not Last,
Swaying Hearts
That seldom cared,
Violent Fights
Under Starry Nights,
Made our Lives
…..Cold as Ice!
Darkened Days
Moonless Nights,
Hidden Lies
Open Scars,
Wonder Why
You Deny,
The past that holds
Our Stories Untold…..!
~Hungry Heart~
Ham & Cheese
On My Plate,
Tummy Screams
No Hunger Mate,
Cakes and Sweets
In the Shop,
Them so Yummy
Be My Want!!
~Winter Candy~
I came to a town
With a cute little Hound
Looked to my right
Candies in the Shop
Red, Blue and Green
Jars of Jelly-bean
Soft, Fluff and Puff
Balls of Doughnut Duf!!!
Orange, Black and Small
Bees of Honey come
Happy little Hearts
Flee from Yummy Tarts
Clouds ‘f White and Grey
Floating in the sky
Cones of Chocolate lay
Melting by my side!!!
Bags of Buns and Rolls
Carry I to home
Hopping through the door
See I little Jo
Lights of Silver Stars
Smell of Popping Corn
Bells of Winter ring
Mellow Hearts Delight!!!!!!!!!!!
~Colors of the Night~
Shadows in the dark
Sway the empty swings,
Eyes of crimson red
Walk the graves of dead,
Moons of Midnight shine
Rays of Sunlight fade,
Clocks in twilight play
Songs of Hallow day!
~When Summer Ends
  A Musical Dialogue~
Look Away
From My Eyes,
L’est I sway
Under Thy Spell.
Bruised and Hurt
Hands Mine Cling,
To Thy Seams
Yet you Leave.
Twice not Once
You Denied,
The Love that was
Young and Bold.
Sweet, My Love
Hate Me Not,
True and Sure,
Make Me Yours.
Nay, My Foe
Yours Nomore!
Hold Me Not
For I’ve no Heart!
Stars shine Bright
Hearts turn Cold,
Away Molly Goes
Leaving me Alone!
The End~
~Fragile Canister~
Shattered me
On Christmas day,
Broken pieces
Stark I lay,
Farewell, So long
Choices made,
Lights of Daylight
Turn to grey.
~Tea and Cookie!~
Lyra, Lyra
Where art thou?
Come this instant
Need you NOW!
Peeta, Peeta
Where art thou?
I can’t see you
Show me HOW!
Sweet O Lyra
Here I stand,
Sword and Armour
In my Hand.
Oh my Peeta
Strike me Not,
Tears of Sorrow
Break my Heart.
Lyra, Lyra
Fear me Not,
For you are
My Chocolate heart!
Peeta, Peeta
Say it loud,
For you are
My Candy love!

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