Wearing a Writer’s Hat!

Hey Everyone! I am excited to share with you the website where my articles have been published. (Yay!) It’s my very first time writing for an entertainment website (actually, it’s my first attempt at writing itself!) And I’m having a blast doing it. (I’m an intern if that is relevant here 😛 ) Hope you guys can visit the page, read all the stuff (some naughty stuff too, gegege 😛 ) that I’ve written and show me some ❤ by liking my articles and sharing them (if you want to). 🙂

Here is the link ➡ http://www.feedagreed.com/

Enjoy! 👍 😜

P.S. My articles are under the name ‘Anusuya Subramanian’ (Have I told you before that this is my real name? 😂 I think this is my first time. Anyways, ✌️ )


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