My First Steps in Photoshop

I am finally getting to learn Photoshop for the very first time and these past few days have been very interesting for me, drawing and editing in Photoshop. I always keep telling myself that ‘It’s never too late to start something new’ and ‘Better late than never’, and here is me doing something new again. 🙂

My First Photoshop

The white color ‘animal’ was supposed to be a cow but it ended up looking something like a cross between a pig, zebra and a donkey XD

Anddd, this one below was a random image that I took from my computer and decided to do something with it. The original image is at the bottom. 😀


There is a TV Show hidden in her dress XD


Original Image

If anybody likes doing things like these, then you should really try Photoshop if you haven’t already.

Have a nice day everyone! 🙂


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