When All You Want To Do is Pull the Curtains on Your Life

There are days when you feel like you are over the moon and everything is just right while you sip your morning cup of Joe and then there are days when a dark cloud looms over your head, threatening to knock you out cold for the rest of the day and just the sight of the bright, morning sun is depressing.

I have had my share of great days and really ‘effed’ up days. But lately, I have been having another kind of a day where I really don’t know what to answer when the interviewer is asking me ‘Why do you want this job?’

Yes, I am hunting for a job and sometimes it feels like I am chasing the wind. I have come to the point where I really don’t know where I am or what I want to do for the rest of my life and my 30s are just around the corner, impatient to say ‘hi’ to me when all I want to do is freeze time! Now, if that isn’t magnormously effed up, I don’t know what is!

Before you think this is some kind of a random rant post of how messed up my life is- which it isn’t- I would like to tell you that no matter how ridiculous your life story is turning out to be, just hold your breath for a moment, let the air out of your mouth, and read these encouraging quotes below(I colored it hoping that it’s magical and, somehow, it adds color to your life when you read it! 🙂 ) from me to myself. It’s a compilation of all that I had written in my tiny little notepad on days when my whole world seemed to be going south. Ever felt that way? When all you wanted to do was shout on the top of your lungs ‘SCREW LIFE’ or just let out a silent sob to yourself while hugging your pillow. I do both, by the way.

Sometimes you need that kick of inspiration to get your life going when the only plan you have for the weekend is to drive off a cliff!

Sit back with your favorite drink and enjoy these colorful quotes.

“There is a time for everything. You keep doing what you are doing and I promise you that you are going to be just fine.”

“It’s not how you fall, but how you get back up that counts….You may fall a million times, face down with no one by your side, but when you get back up and take that first step forward, things could change a million ways. But if you don’t, you are never going to set the ‘change’ in motion.”

“You know what? I am not going down! I’m going to do something Big. BIGGER!”

“What happened, happened. I’m not going to dwell on the past and let it take away my present.”

“Accept your reality. Fight back with whatever you got. And keep jumping those hoops!”

“So you screwed up and pulled out the screws that held your life together? Just put the screws back in and move on. When you have dusted yourself and are back on your feet, you know you’ve won.”

“It’s never easy but it’s possible because, in life, you are your best cheerleader!”

“The only thing regret is good at doing is- destroying; not just anything, but your future specifically.”

“Be brave. Be you. Because you are brave.”

“I’m going to do the impossible because ‘impossible’ is what gives me the adrenaline rush!”

“This story- my story- will go on and stop only the day I die. Until then, I’m a non-stop record on ‘play’ without pause.”

“I have no idea if I’m trying my best or trying my worst or just trying my luck! It’s a conundrum…what is right and what is not. It’s never clear; I’m always on the edge, on the verge of falling over. Maybe I won’t fall and instead, maybe I’ll fly. Who knows? A cliff could be a start to something exciting!”

I had an early start to the ‘south’ today morning. My left foot didn’t know the difference between a football and the leg of my sofa. I bet you know what happened next. I didn’t know that I could sing opera when my toes hit furniture. Hehe! 😀


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