Birth of a Doughnut!

I have been snoopin’ around the Facebook pages of some of my classmates from my college days wondering what everyone has been up to since leaving college. I do that sometimes. Especially when I see their profile pic with a baby in their hands! 🙂

I’m truly happy for them. While everybody has been busy travelling the world and making babies, I have been busy searching for a different kind of fulfillment- the one that involves making sweet things and eating them too!

doughnut baby.png

Though I don’t have plans for making babies any time soon, I did have plans for making doughnuts that I watched on YouTube yesterday! I made them today and even though they came out shaped really weird, half a day later, I had finally made something I had never done before. I had finally ‘made’ something out of love, I had birth a doughnut out of my hands! I know I am exaggerating but I never really thought that I could actually do it because, the truth is, I love baking but the reverse is usually seldom true! 😀


I can’t believe I am posting this picture 😀

Last year I studied baking. It was a lot of fun. I baked a lot but more than that I goofed up a lot. 😀

These are some of my funny moments that happened in the class which I still remember and they crack me up even today when I replay it in my head. 😛


I’m still a beginner when it comes to baking but it looks like the birth of the doughnut is a start to many wonderful baking adventures in the future!

Wait! The doughnut was fried wasn’t it? And not baked…

Well, they all fall under the same category right?



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