A Never Ending Conversation Between Two Sides Of Myself

conversations with myself

Me 1: I just can’t do this anymore!

Me 2: Do what?

Me 1: Life!

Me 2: Which part?

Me 1: I don’t know…

Me 2: Let me rephrase- What is making you think this way? 

Me 1: When I was a kid, I HAD a life. But now, I don’t HAVE a life anymore! 

Me 2: But I see you breathing. 😀

Me 1: I hate you! UGH! 😡

Me 2: I AM you. Why do you hate YOU?

Me 1: No. I hate YOU. I am different from YOU!

Me 2: How so?

Me 1: At least I care about my life..enough to want to change it…so that I can be more…. ALIVE tomorrow…

Me 2: You are alive right now. I see you. 😀

Me 1: Who are you?

Me 2: You.

Me 1: Me?!

Me 2: Yes.

Me 1: Haha. Funny.

Me 2: What’s funny?

Me 1: You PRETENDING to be me.

Me 2: That’s not funny… 😐

Me 1: Then what is?

Me 2: YOU! XD

Me 1: Me?!?!

Me 2: Yes! XD XD XD

Me 1: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!! 😥

Me 2: I dare much. 😀

Me 1: I’m gonna KILL YOU! 👿

Me 2: Ok.

Me 1: You’re okay?!

Me 2: Always am.

Me 1: You serious right now?

Me 2: No, I don’t ‘see Riaz’ right now. XD

Me 1: That’s ENOUGH! 

Me 2: But I want more. :mrgreen: ❤

Me 1: STOP!!!!! 👿

Me 2: Why are you mad at me, you, me?

Me 1: Who’s Miumi? 😐

Me 2: Us.

Me 1: Us?

Me 2: We are, You. Me. You Me.

Me 1: Yumi?… I thought you said Miumi…

Me 2: Yes.

Me1: You are not making any sense. 🙄

Me 2: No.

Me 1: You agree?!

Me 2: Yes.

Me 1: I WIN!!! 😀

Me 2: No.

Me 1: Why? 

Me 2: I’m not making sense.

Me 1: That’s what I said.

Me 2: I’m making COOKIES!!! XD XD XD

Me 1: Let’s go to bed!

Me 2: Why? 😕

Me 1: Because it’s TIME! 

(to be contd.)


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