A Friday Night Song – ‘The Coffee and Vodka Song’

coffe vodka banner

Another Friday, another song! Today it was all about coffee. I love drinking coffee very much so I decided to sing a song with coffee as the main subject. And then I put some Vodka in there for a ‘sparkling’ effect! 😀

I showed my love for coffee by drawing it too! When it comes to drawing, MS Paint is my place to go. The video is full of it (NO I didn’t mean ‘sh**’ if you thought of that. XD). I don’t drink Vodka but it complemented my coffee in the song so I put it in there! All my love goes to the 2D Vodka I made. 😀

Enjoy the song (if you could call that or maybe ‘soem’ would be the right word? Song+Poem= Soem 😀 or whatever you like! I don’t even have a name for what I do. :P)

Play The ‘Coffee and Vodka’ Song!


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