Misreading Words: Has that ever happened to you?


You are reading a serious article in the newspaper, and suddenly, you spill your tea because of what you’ve just read! But then, you go back and read it again, only to find out that you had misread the entire sentence, and the meaning is completely opposite of what you thought it to be seconds ago. You wonder if it is a one time thing, but when it keeps repeating, you ‘really’ wonder if you are having problems with the way you read!

This happened to me recently, and it keeps happening frequently. Sometimes I find it funny and other times – when I’m ‘seriously’ reading a serious article – I ask myself ‘Why is this happening?’ But whatever the reason is – me ‘fumbling’ while reading – I always find it funny in the end! Here are a few words that I misread recently leading to the meaning of the sentence completely changing! 😀

What I read VS What was Correct!

Worst Snack – Work Snack

Naked Fingers – Inked Fingers

Adult Report – Audit Report

If you have had such experiences, do comment below! 🙂


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