It all starts with ‘A’: Accepting the Reality When All You Want to Do is ‘Get Away’!

“People who never give up are the ones who can open up a new chapter in the book of life.”

I have a mind where I can’t stop the ‘ping-pong game’ between feeling outrageously positive and the feeling of utter despair. One minute I’m all energetic and moving around the house like I have no regrets in life, and the next minute I’m lying in bed, thinking what a ridiculous existence I’m living. I have these ‘moments’ in life of riding the roller-coaster of emotions more than twice or thrice a week! At times, I get dangerously close to wanting to take a peek into the other side, if you know what I mean. And when that happens, I can’t stop being engulfed by the ‘flames’ of the past. And by that, I don’t mean my ex… or some random story that I came across today in CreepyPasta when I googled ‘Flames Of The Past’! (I honestly don’t know why I did that..)

Some of us may have had difficult pasts- pasts we seldom want to talk about or even remember. In fact, I believe, every one of us have jumped hoops at least at some point in our lives. It’s funny what some of us have been through, and how much we’ve sacrificed along the way, only to have lost our minds in the process! I don’t know about you, but in my case, it’s true. I’m starting to think that I just might be going crazy!

Imagine yourself existing in two different planets which are at war with each other: One is called ‘Crazy’ and the other is called ‘Sane’. That is the feeling I’m dealing with right now.  Every day is a battle between keeping myself sane and not going up in flames!

There have been instances where feeding my mind with ‘positive’ energy everyday was as important as feeding myself. Positive in the sense- keeping myself occupied and not sitting around doing nothing. I mean that is my definition of feeling positive, and it is better to kill time than to kill- (Arghh.. i don’t want to write the word ‘myself‘;) )

So, what can a person wanting to ‘get away’ all the time do about it? Whenever I come across articles in the newspaper- about people who couldn’t take it anymore, and as a result have decided to conclude their life story, I keep wondering ‘what if that person did it in an impulse, probably when going through another bad episode in life?’ I know that most of the questions that I have won’t have definite answers because everybody’s life is different and unique, and it’s baffling to me most of the time that we are just born in random places on this planet without us choosing what circumstances or the life we are getting into! (Sometimes I feel thankful, and sometimes I don’t. Ping-pong again!)

Well, I would be lying if I said I haven’t felt envy looking at others lives at least at some point in my life. Not long ago I met a few people who were ‘professional everything’ that I’ve ever dreamed of for the past 10 years! But, one day, when I was going through the life stories of some of the best accomplished YouTubers, I understood something important. Every individual can BE something in their own unique way. We may be sitting in some corner of the earth, staring into our computers, and dealing with a million different impossible things in life, thinking we can’t do anything about our current situation.

But I’m going to do something about the impossible situations in my life. If this is reality, I’m going to accept it, and fight back to change it and make it better for me.

Because believing in yourself comes from within, and when you let the ‘positive’ thoughts speak louder than the ‘negative’ thoughts that bring you down, the change CAN happen!

So, get up and go for the first thing that comes to your mind now! I’m thinking of taking up ‘swimming’ lessons starting tomorrow. (With no strings attached of course. I’m just going to ‘soak’ in the moment!) Who knows, one move can trigger something better! So, take that step now!!! 😀

 And it all starts with Acceptance! ‘Accept’ that your reality needs a makeover! This is the ‘A’ that made my day today! Hope it makes yours too! 🙂

“It’s never easy, but it’s possible, because in life, you are your best cheerleader!”


I came across great articles today about ‘Acceptance’. These articles were right on point what I wanted to convey in my own article.

Click the links below to check them out!

The Journey of Self-Discovery! My Decision to Find Myself!

Acceptance: The First Law of Spirit


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