Bake, Snap, Watch, Sing, Repeat! : A closer look at my Second Week of March

When it is time to wind up for the day, I lay on my bed, lights off, and stare at the ceiling illuminated by the torch light on my phone. There is something about watching shadows dancing in the dark. Not the scary ones like in the movies but the ones you create with your hands. Haven’t we all done that when we were kids? I remember doing it all the time whenever the power would go out at night, under the candle lights, the shadow of a deer’s would always come to life!

Hand Shadows Deer

Now, as an adult, I didn’t realize how calming and relaxing it feels just looking at them in the night! During these times, I drift far-away, as if I’m watching a movie on the walls of the house. The shadows transform into stories of hope and encouragement, even when it is dark all around.

To me making plans is important and, at the same time, staying motivated is important. And wanting life to be more than just waking up and going to bed has always been my goal. Even if it is just me hanging around with myself all day, I try to find meaning in everything I do! That’s a good thing, don’t you agree?

Here is a list of what I’ve been up to in the past week with pictures! 🙂

1. What I Made


I like to make healthy stuff with whatever little is sitting on the shelves of my cupboard cum pantry. Most of the time it is for my four-legged babies. Pictured above are Sweet Potato Carrot Biscuits and Frozen Dog Treats.

I made the following simple recipes in a day!! It was THAT simple! I have a very short attention span. I can’t follow a recipe if there are more than five ingredients.

Make these recipes for yourselves or your dogs. It’s a great way to save money and time! 🙂

Home-made Peanut Butter

Home-made Almond Butter

Sweet Potato and Carrot Biscuits

Frozen Coconut Berry Treats

Mini Veggie Pops

2. What I Snapped

My dogs lounging together on the doorway…


3. What I Watched

After binge-watching all four seasons of ‘Prison-Break’ in 2 weeks, and while waiting for Season 5 which is coming soon in April, I decided to catch up with some of the new shows making headlines!













4. And Finally..What I realized!

I write poems all the time. Even if they are just some rhyming words put together! One day, I realized that I could actually ‘sing’ my poems! And last week, again I realized that I could not only sing but make my voice sound like a million different voices! 😀

I am late using the Audacity software, but currently I’m having fun using the software solely for the purpose of hiding my real voice! Which is…awesome. For me. Personally.

Listen to One Night I Had a Dream

Listen to Shadow In The Night


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