A Midnight Slur

Honestly, I didn’t know the meaning of slur and I had to google it to find out what it meant which was to speak in an unclear manner. Immediately, I related it to the way people talk when they are drunk!

Well, I haven’t experienced ‘slurring’ myself but I may have seen people going woozy after drinking a lot in TV sitcoms and movies. And then waking up the next day not remembering anything from the previous night. Everything is a cliche these days on TV. Is that what really happens? I wouldn’t know because I don’t drink and I have never purchased booze or wine or vodka or anything related in my life! Am I supposed to feel odd about this because I’m almost going to be 30 in a few years!!

But, I do have something similar in my cupboard. I don’t know if you could count that as ‘wine’ but it does look like a wine bottle with a long slender neck. (Isn’t that how all wine bottles look like?) I haven’t opened it yet. Someone gave it to me. But, I’ve been careful about touching it because there is a feeling that I might loose my…virginity or something if I take a sip. (Am I even in my right mind now? :D)

I ask myself a question- what am I so afraid of? Is it the fear of making no sense once I indulge in it or is it losing my ‘self-proclaimed’ badge as a teetotaler. Whatever may be the reason for my abstinence from drinking alcoholic beverages, I am forced to confess that I too have wanted to indulge occasionally. But, every time the opportunity came, I couldn’t let myself waver.

If you were ever wondering what the name of the bottle of wine I have in my cupboard is: It reads ‘Eva White Grape Juice Non-Alcoholic Sparkling’. I know it says ‘non-alcoholic’ but it also says ‘sparkling’ and based on what I know- Everything that reads ‘sparkling’ means it contains alcohol! Sparkling = Alcohol. Am I wrong? But, it makes no sense at the same time. How can it be ‘Eva White Grape Juice Non-Alcoholic Alcohol.’ It makes no sense!

I’m making no sense now. Is it because it’s going to be midnight soon here in my timezone? Probably! The clock on my laptop reads 23:53. I’m almost done writing this article. But, still I haven’t really gotten into the meaning of slur. Why do people slur? I want to slur at least once in my life! What is slur anyways? Slurry burry curry? Slurrity burrity currity? I am feeelin’ slurryyyy….. Sulurrryyyyyyy….Aaand so are you! Slurt Burt Dirt? Nnneverrr been so slurryyyy in my liiiffffe… It feeeels sluuurrrryyyy in here doezzzn’t ittt??????? Friggin’ Froggin’ ZZZzzzlurrrrrr!!!!!

Have Slurry Dreams tonight!

via Daily Prompt: Slur



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