Thoughtful Thursdays – The Past Comes Haunting Because A Butterfly Decided To Flap Its Wings! Wait. What?

Things that you didn’t get in life now is directly related to the choices that you made in the past or alternatively, didn’t make in the past.

I have been hearing a lot about ‘The Butterfly Effect’ lately. Initially it was a game called ‘Until Dawn’ where I came across it for the first time. I haven’t played it myself but I’m a big fan of the ‘Let’s Play’ commentary videos uploaded by popular You-tubers like Markiplier.

If you don’t know what a ‘Butterfly Effect’ is, then I’ll give you a short intro. The way I understood it was- ‘Whatever decisions you make today or whatever choices you make opens up a string of events that will take place in the future solely because you chose to take that particular decision or choice at that point in time.’ I ended up with a bag of regrets after I knew about this! But then I went- ‘F*** this butterfly!’

Well, an in-depth analysis of this theory can be found in the link at the bottom of this article.

It is weird that a theory like this could have any meaning initially. But, though I want to be skeptical about this way of thinking, somewhere deep down I want to believe that maybe ‘The Butterfly Effect’ has more to it than what I want to believe in.

And what I believe is that, the choice you make today cannot be altered once ‘today’ becomes ‘yesterday’, and the events keep changing constantly on a daily basis. (And if every time you want to take a decision and keep thinking about the butterfly effect, it’s going to screw you! -_-). And even if we had made a different choice, it could have probably lead us to the same future because of the ‘events’ in-between I guess.

So,’The Butterfly Effect’ is in itself a speculation of what could have happened had different choices been made. But, honestly, nobody would have an answer to that. Just like we cannot predict the future entirely, we cannot predict what a different past could have resulted in.

Whether I want to believe in the butterfly effect or not feels like a conundrum. Maybe there exists different theories altogether which I don’t know of at present. But, whatever everyone has got to say, I have a theory of my own and it is called ‘The Rolling Effect’. And it means- ‘Take an honest decision, make up your mind and roll with it!’ 😀


The Butterfly Effect Analysis On YouTube


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