Wednesday Rants – In A Pickle!

Have you ever been in a sticky situation? If you have, then welcome to Wednesday Rants! 

I’m Ms.Pickle and I am in a tough spot in life. Haven’t we all wished our problems could just disappear with a wave of a magic wand? I bet everyone has or at least felt at some point in our lives. I feel you. I really do. Because when you are in a pickle, your whole world seems to be falling from the sky like an airplane facing an engine failure mid-air.

I am definitely feeling that now. A looming crisis. The clock ticking in the back of your head. The voices telling you that ‘It’s OVER!’ And ‘No matter what you do, it’s not going to work out!’ But no, this post isn’t about me going to tell you what you (and I) can do about your situation and change it until you see the sun tomorrow and go ‘Hell! I feel alive for the first time in my life!’

I’m just here to tell you that- When you get yourself in a pickle, you know it’s going to be a bad day. And I have had some terrible days to deal with in the past. You know what I do? I put my pickles in a jar and let them soak up in the brine solution, and the last thing I know they have shrunk! The jar is my mind and the solution is ‘other’ things in my mind apart from the pickle in the jar. And, when you are ready to deal with the pickle, take it out after sometime or some days and there you are! A pickle easy to deal with!!!

So, if you want your pickle to disappear, just put them in the solution and they will shrivel as time goes by! 🙂

I am dealing with a pickle with a capital p right now in my life but I am determined to soak it as much as possible and deal with it like I should!!!!

I’m wishing you and me the best in dealing with all kinds of pickles in the now and the future! 😀

-By Ms.Pickle in a Pickle


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