Minty Tuesday

Hello there!

Open your dogs mouth right now and take a whiff. What do you smell? Well, if it isn’t what you were expecting then these ‘Minty Doggie Biscuits’ are sure to make your dog’s mouth smell better! At least for a while that is. 😉

I made them today and wasn’t disappointed at all with the results. I even tested by sniffing my dog’s mouth to check if his mouth REALLY smelt better after I fed him these biscuits. And to my surprise, my dog’s mouth had a neutral odor with a hint of mint! 😀


So, your turn to make them and revel after treating your pet/pets with these! Find the recipe by clicking the link below.

Fresh Breath Dog Biscuits by GirlInTheLittleRedKitchen

Now you can take that photo close to your dog’s face without holding your breath! 😀


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