A Friday Night Song – Shadow In The Night

Hello Everyone! I will be bringing to you this section every Friday- ‘A Friday Night Song’, where I will post songs/poems written by me AND a bonus audio (Yayy!!) of me singing my song!!! I’m no singer but I do sing just for the fun of it! Who doesn’t like to go crazy and do crazy stuff? 😀

So, here is me being crazy and singing for ya’ll! Go to the link below aaand sing alongggg!!!! 😀

Listen to Shadow in the Night


You don’t want to be like the world you say.
You don’t wanna do like the others do.
All you wanna be is ‘n a better place.
Come on let me see what you got on me!


One day I was alone,
Nobody, dark and deep.
One night I saw the light,
Come through me,
Do you see..?


A shadow in the night.
The sun goes out of sight.
Shake me so I’m alive.
I’m letting go tonight.


La la la la laa la la laa laa laa(x4).


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